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  • AT&T U-verse Bundled PackagesAT&T Advanced fiber optic TV, Home Phone, & fiber optic or DSL High Speed Internet.

    • AT&T home phone service, & or AT&T Wireless
    • AT&T U-verse fiber optic tv packages
    • AT&T U-verse Max18 fiber optic Internet, or AT&T DSL packages
  • Get up to $300 back via promoition cards on qualifying services*

    u-verse bundled packages
  • Verizon FiOS Bundled Packages Experience the power of fiber optics with the best quality picture and sound, and fastest Internet connections available today from FiOS.

    • Verizon Wireless (with quad play) or Verizon home phone calling plans
    • Verizon FiOS fiber optic television packages
    • Verizon FiOS fiber optic Internet 15 Mbs down / 5 Mbps up
  • FiOS bundled packages as low as $69.99 /mo. Get a $100 Visa® Prepaid Card✝ For months 1-6. $79.99 for months 7-12. Plus taxes and fees

    fios bundled packages
  • Qwest Fiber Optic Bundled Packages Enjoy the fastest internet connections Qwest has to offer with download speeds up to 20Mbps, plus add Qwest home phone, and DirecTV satellite TV service for one easy bill.

    • Qwest home phone service with unlimited local and long distance calling plans
    • Get DirecTV satellite TV with options for HD, and DVR.
    • Qwest 20Mbps fiber optic Internet service
  • FREE wi-fi access included

    qwest bundle packages

Fiber Optic Bundles Knowledge Base

Welcome to the fiber optic bundled knowledge base where you'll get more detailed information about fiber optic bundled packages with helpful tips, ideas, and articles.

Fiber Optic Bundles with Fiber Optic TV & Fiber Optic Internet Deals

Enjoy the best HD TV experience possible, and fastest Internet speeds, plus save with fiber optic bundle packages from FioS & U-verse.

Bundling Fiber Optic Packages

It's important to note that though fiber optic is available for bundling, U-verse, and FiOS offer DSL as part of your package instead of fiber Internet if that's what you want. You may also add wireless, and home phone to any package.

Fiber Optic TV and Internet Services

Lower Costs. Fiber optics means lower cost phone and Internet service for the end user. Why? Fiber optics costs less to produce and lay than traditional copper wiring. Cable providers have to lay thousands of miles of cable, the more each mile costs the more we the consumer have to pay. Because fiber optics are more affordable to install the expenses of the cable companies are lower, this in turn equals lower prices for us the consumers.

A higher quality signal. Fiber optics works by transmitting a light signal, the older traditional copper cable worked by moving electrical impulses. When light is used to transmit data there is little to no degradation in signal quality, however this is not the case with copper cable. For every mile of transfer with traditional cable there is a slight change in signal quality. But not with light powered fiber optics. For internet VOIP phone calls your quality of communication is excellent even half way around the world.

New Types of Media- There are new media creations that exist only because of the advancements of fiber optics. Things like pay per view movies wouldn't be so easy to order and stream to your home without fiber optics. Broadband internet would not be possible without the speed that is given through fiber optics and downloading large files would be very slow if we were still confined to traditional copper or electronic cables.

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