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  • Compare Bundled Cable Services Bundle cable, Internet, and phone in any combination from your local cable providers. Compare cable packages, prices, and promotions.

    • Cable double play packages with a choice between digital cable TV, digital home phone, and high-speed Internet
    • Cable triple play packages with all three cable services on a single monthly bill, including cable TV, digital home phone service, and Internet.
    • Compare prices and bundling options for cable bundles in your area
  • Special offers may be available in your area for new cable subscribers

    Compare Bundled Cable Packages
  • Compare Phone Company Bundles Bundle services from national telecomm providers like AT&T, Verizon, Qwest, and more with options for TV, phone, and Internet all on a single monthly bill.

    • Phone double play with a choice between satellite TV, cellular, home phone & high-speed Internet
    • Phone triple play for three great services on one bill with a selection of satellite tv, home phone, or wireless, and high-speed Internet (satellite tv may not be available in all areas)
    • Compare prices and bundling options for bundled phone company packages in your area
  • Special offer for bundling from a phone provider may be available for first time customers

    Compare Bundled Phone Packages
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  • Compare Cell Phones and Services great cell phones, and wireless calling plans from the nation's largest wireless phone service providers, and manufacturers

    • Cell phones from top cellular manufacturers, and compare prices, deals, and features side by side
    • Cell phone plans choose phones from your cellular provider, then compare rates, calling plans, and calling features side by side.
    • Compare cell phones, and calling plans by simply choosing a phone, then selecting the best cellular plan
  • Tons of free phones to choose from, including popular Android devices!

    Compare Cell Phones and Plans
  • Compare VoIP Phone Services Use your existing high-speed Internet, and telephone to get the cheapest home phone service anywhere

    • VoIP Providers see top voip providers across the country, and compare packages and plans
    • VoIP calling plans see voip calling plans based on your monthly usage, and compare prices for the cheapest VoIP bill
    • Compare voip digital home phone service packages, prices, plans, and features to get the best match for your dollar
  • Unlimited local & long distance plans as low as $14.95 per month!

    Compare VoIP Phone Packages
  • Compare Landline Phone Service with calling plans for local, or unlimited local and long distance.

    • Local landline view rates for local phone service from landline providers in your area
    • Local & long distance landline calling plans with unlimited local, and long distance on a cent per minute basis
    • Unlimited landline get rates for unlimited landline service with local, and long distance for one flat monthly rate
  • See special offers for new landline customers

    Compare Local Phone Service Providers
  • Compare Long Distance Rates 1+ direct dial long distance plans, calling cards, and dial around long distance all billed on a cent per minute plan.

    • Long distance rates compare rates on different types of long distance calling plans
    • Long distance bills see what your long distance charges might be based on your monthly usage
    • Long distance plans choose between direct dial long distance, calling cards, or dial around plans.
  • 1-Plus long distance rates as low as 2.3¢ per minute

    Compare Long Distance rates
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  • Compare Cable TV Packages Cable television from cable providers that service your area with DVR, HDTV, movie channels, music, sports, and more.

    • Cable TV rates view rates for cable tv service
    • Cable TV packages check out cable add on options like HD, movie channels, and more
    • Cable TV DVR packages choose from cable tv with options for DVR service (digital video recorder)
  • Special offers for new cable television subscribers from many providers

    Compare Cable TV Packages
  • Compare Satellite TV Packages Satellite TV service with options for DVR, HDTV, basic, or premium programming

    • DirecTV Packages DirecTV satellite TV service as low as $29.99 /mo for 24 mo. and over 150 channels
    • Receivers & DVR free DVR upgrade options with select satellite TV plans
    • Programming options choose from basic programming, or premium programming with options for movie channels, HD channels, Sports, Music, and more.
  • Satellite TV as low as $29.99 /mo.

    Compare Satellite TV Packages
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  • Compare High Speed Internet compare high speed internet service from cable Internet, DSL Internet, and fiber optic Internet service providers

    • Cable Internet view download speeds, and rates for cable Internet service
    • DSL Internet see DSL high-speed Internet packages and prices, plus download speeds and rates for DSL providers
    • Fiber Optic Internet see fiber optic Internet providers in your area, and compare rates, and speeds
  • Lots of special offers for new high-speed Internet subscribers

    Compare High Speed Internet
  • Compare Satellite Internet satellite Internet service makes it possible to have high-speed Internet where it isn't normally available.

    • Hughesnet view Hughesnet satellite Internet packages as low as $39.99 /mo
    • Lease or Purchase compare your options for lease or purchase of satellite Internet equipment
  • Reduced cost for first 3 months.

    Compare Satellite Internet
  • Compare Mobile Internet take your Internet service with you. Compare plans for mobile Internet providers in your area.

    • Mobile Data Plans compare mobile data Internet service providers.
    • USB & air cards choose from USB devices, or wireless air cards for mobile broadband.
  • Deals for mobile Internet are location specific

    Compare Mobile Internet

Knowledge Base

This is the knowledge base for comparing phone, TV, and Internet services. In this section you'll find more information on how you can compare services using the tools, and resources provided here.

Shop, Compare, and Save on Phone TV & Internet Services From Your Local Providers

Find phone, TV, and Internet service providers in your area, then compare packages, prices, plans, and special offers from cable providers, phone providers, or fiber optic providers who offer services such as cable tv, fiber optic tv, satellite TV, and high speed Internernet, plus a variety of cellular, and home phone services & calling plans all from providers in your area.

Phone, TV, and Internet services can be broken down into four small categories. Phone, TV, Internet, and Bundles. Each of those main categories can be broken down into several sub categories. For instance, with Internet service you might have dial-up, cable, DSL, mobile, satellite, and even fiber optic. This can get really confusing really fast.

If that isn't confusing enough, each category can have many, many providers, and not all of them will be available where you live. With so many choices, and options it's really hard for consumers to zero in on products that meet their specific needs, and that's why we've created this page.

What we've done here is created a single page, with almost every category of phone, TV, and Internet service available on the market today. Not only can you sort through services faster than anywhere else, you'll be able to narrow it down to only providers that acctually service your home address.

Once you know the service providers for your area, you can look through available packages, and offers, not to mention get the exact rates (minus some taxes and fees). We believe this will save you time, and money, and keep you coming back to PhoneTVInternet.com for all your phone, TV, and Internet needs. We look forward to serving you better.

How Do I Find Phone Service Providers in My Area?

You can find, and compare phone service and phone providers in your area by selecting the "compare phone service" tab above. You'll then need to decide which type of phone service you need such as landline, cellular, VoIP, or cable. You'll then find more information for the type of phone service you've selected. Simply enter the information asked of you, and our tools will show phone service providers available for your address. You'll then be able to compare packages and pricing more accurately than any other method.

How Do I Find TV Service Providers in My Area?

To find and compare TV providers, and TV service in your area, select the "compare TV service" tab above. You'll be presented with different types of television service like cable TV, and satellite TV. Choose the type of TV service you're interested in, then enter your information to compare TV packages from providers available for your address, or zip code. You'll get the most accurate pricing, and programming packages by only comparing TV providers available at your service address.

How Do I Find Internet Service Providers in My Area?

You can locate Internet providers in your area by selecting the "compare internet service" tab above. From there, choose the type of Internet service you're after. Enter your information, and then compare Internet speeds, Internet providers, and packages available for your service address or zip code.

How Do I Find Bundle Service Providers in My Area?

You can find providers that offer bundled services by selecting the "compare bundles" tab above. Regardless of the type of bundle you choose, they all offer phone, TV, and Internet, plus have options to only bundle two of those services (double play), or to bundle three of those service (triple play). Select the bundle provider type you want, then review, and enter your information on the next page. From there you'll see a list of bundled packages from providers available in your area to compare prices, and plans from.

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