10 Complaints About Verizon’s FiOS

When this bundled home communications service was introduced people were excited about the fiber-optics to home operating network. Verizon had the first broadband internet access to use this technology and offered more HD channels than anybody else. However, bundling internet, telephone and television is never without problems and Verizon FiOS has had its share.

  1. Billing problems – The best way to get people hopping mad is to mess up their monthly statement. People were quoted one price for all their services and then were being billed separately, which of course was more expensive.
  2. Poor customer service – Besides the standard complaints of being put on hold forever, call transfers dropped, and bad customer service hours. Many also complain of having to call back several times to resolve the same problem.
  3. Terrible technical support – Other complaints are about the poor service from the technical support. Most are hard to understand on the phone and don’t have good listening skills.
  4. Lack of communication – Because there are so many different areas to coordinate between the television, telephone and internet service, plus the billing and customer service, often the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing. This inevitably ends up causing headaches for the consumer.
  5. Deceptive marketing – People were enticed to switch all their communication services to Verizon for one low price and were disappointed with the results. Instead of making their lives simpler, they had some services that didn’t work properly, if at all, and plenty of frustration trying to get it all straightened out.
  6. DVR recording – Most customers were happy with the DVR feature of their television at first, but then started to notice problems. There are reports of programs being recorded randomly and mysterious programming changes.
  7. Poor internet – Complaints in this area range from problems with email to router troubles. The wireless internet router doesn’t work well at all and defective equipment was installed.
  8. HD problems – The HD television was the main selling point for Verizon, but that’s also come under scrutiny lately. Customers were promised full HD service only to find out more HD channels were added later for an extra charge. Some found out too late that some of the HD channels were not available in their area.
  9. Phone numbers – There seems to be a recurring problem for people to retain their home phone numbers when switching to the FiOS service. The technicians will hook up a second line with a new number instead of keeping the existing one and the customer gets stuck with the bill for another line.
  10. Some features not available – The lack of franchise agreements in some areas limits the features available to some customers. This could be the underlying cause of many of these problems, and the customer service and tech support may be unaware of it.

People loved the promise of the latest technology combined with the convenience of bundled services, only to be disappointed with the end result. It’s probably more prudent to wait until the kinks have been worked out before signing on to an all-in-one communications system that’s just come on the market. Let someone else work the bugs out first.


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  1. CJ Cohn's reply:

    Hey, apparently you CAN talk yourself into getting Cancer! Yet another reason to hate Verizon, etal.

  2. beatrice kirkor's reply:

    Because there are so many different areas to coordinate between the television, telephone and internet service, plus the billing and customer service, often the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing. This inevitably ends up causing headaches for the consumer. i disconnected the service on 5/10/11,and i am still waiting for a credit check due to me for a big $10.37.i am tired of calling over and over,and noone knows anything.i can’t get a straight answe because they don’t know anything.i will not advise anyone to get verizon fios….i was w/them only for one month which was more than enough…

  3. Tapas's reply:

    I am a Software Engineer and internet is very essential for me because I work remotely sometimes over internet.While I signed the contract with Verizon for a year I committed I will pay the bill in time and Verizon committed that they will provide me the service every hour.I can understand if there is a problem for a day or two.But here is my story :

    1) Don’t have internet for last 35 days
    2) 19 Verizon technicians have visited my apartment( 20 hours of my time)
    3) 15 tickets has been raised.Each call takes 1 hour of my time.Therefore 15 hours of my time.
    4) FIOS Device has been replaced 2 times.
    5) Router has been replaced once.
    6) Fiber optics has been replaced 3 times.

    Still I have no internet and at least 3 out of the15 tickets have been closed without confirming with me.

  4. Bill Appleby's reply:

    I dont have Verizon FIOS and never will. I dont care if the product is good or not. But after recieving daily telemarketing calls for years, daily USPS mail solicitations, (over a period of years) and now sales people at my front door. It seems they will not stop harrassing me ever until I sign up for their product, it has become so stressful for me trying to get them to go away, that there is nothing they can do to make me switch, they call sometimes twice a day, I am on the do not call registry. How can I make them stop!

  5. Patrick703's reply:

    If you are trying to get Verizon FiOS please be advised to ALL aspects of your contract details in Writing before installing anything. After 12 phone calls in attempting this monstrous feat, I could not get my detailed of my contract. I was verbally promised an incredible FiOS triple play offers but, could not get a detailed description of the order in writing. I only got a general letter showing some of the costs agreed and to wait until my first bill arrives. Unfortunately, that would put me beyond the 30 day grace period and all my copper lines will gone.
    All Government websites including: FCC http://www.fcc.gov/guides/getting-broadband & FTC http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/tech/tec17.shtm advise and request this. I decided to cancel my order and stay with Comcast. I never had any problems concerning my bill with Comcast. I wasn’t even left wondering why. After reading all the complaints – IT’S OBVIOUS!

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