10 Reasons Employees Hate Their Corporate Website

The last thing anyone wants to do on their day off is look at their corporate website, so when that happens it’s sure to elicit a groan. This guttural response is quite prevalent and shared by employees around the world. Even people who love their jobs don’t seem to like their company’s web page to appear on the screen. What causes this reaction in people who work for large and small corporations? Here are ten reasons employees hate their corporate website.

  1. See it every day – First of all, many workers see that website every day at work and are just sick of it. Corporations will set up their employees computers so that the company website is the home page. That web page is the first thing they see when they log on in the morning and the last thing they want to see on their day off.
  2. So cheesy – Most employees tend to think the corporate website is pretty cheesy. Unless the company they work for is able to hire an exceptional web designer, their websites can be fairly mundane and boring.
  3. Reminds them of work – The basic response to seeing their corporate website is to think of work. Nobody wants to be reminded of work, so this visual representation is never welcome, especially on days off.
  4. Disingenuous – People who actually work for the company tend to look at the corporate website with a jaded eye. They see all the glowing representations of their company as a bit disingenuous and pandering. They know what really goes on behind the scenes and it’s not displayed for general consumption.
  5. Money spent – Employees in the accounting department and others know how much money is spent on that website and can be a bit resentful. It costs thousands of dollars to design, implement and manage a good website and some employees may think those corporate dollars could be better spent in other areas.
  6. Doesn’t work right – When a company website doesn’t work right it can be extremely frustrating. Workers just hate it when things don’t work as they’re supposed to and end up wasting their time. That IT guy is never available when you need him.
  7. Security – Corporations need to maintain tight security on their websites, but it gets tedious for employees. Constantly changing passwords and security settings will drive them bananas.
  8. Constant changes – Just when workers get accustomed to the corporate website, they do an upgrade and everything changes. Most employees are creatures of habit and they hate having to relearn basic parts of their job. Constant changes will make anyone resent their corporate website.
  9. Outdated – The other end of the spectrum is when corporations let their website get outdated. They must periodically update content so that customers and employees don’t get bored. Workers hate to see the same old webpage year after year.
  10. Just another tool – To most corporate employees the company website is just another tool for their job and about as exciting as a Bic pen. Maybe hate is a strong word to use, so let’s just say they find the website less than inspirational.

Now none of this may seem rational to you and I don’t claim that it is. People should appreciate the companies that employ them and provide for their livelihood, but they rarely do. Corporate politics and coworker resentments tend to make employees jaded after time. The corporate website is just a reminder of things they hate about their job. Maybe this is a good thing when employees can vent their frustrations at an uncomprehending website instead of their supervisor or boss. Perhaps hating the company website can help maintain harmony in the workplace.

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