10 Things That Siri Pretty Much Can’t Help You With

By now most of us are familiar with all of the tasks that Siri, Apple’s voice-recognizing virtual assistant, is capable of performing. Phone calls, text messages, reminders, restaurant searches and traffic reports. Siri does it all. Or does she?

Sadly, it turns out that Siri is only (almost) human and has her limits. Here are ten things that Siri pretty much can’t help you with:

  1. Connect Me, Please. It’s great that she can check the local traffic for you … if only she could get you a decent signal so that you could log-on. In fact …
  2. Paid Time Off – When you’re not connected, neither is Siri, so she’s offline and of no use until you get a signal.
  3. Not Much Choice. – According to a recent CNN report on a study done by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Siri isn’t much good at finding abortion clinics. This one, however, seems to have gotten enough publicity to prompt Apple to make a fix.
  4. Telling You Where to Go. – Yes, you can get directions from Siri, but she won’t tell them to you. You’ll have to read them from a list and do without her help if you make a wrong turn.
  5. Hold the Phone. – Siri can do a lot of things with your phone, email and SMS messaging, but she seems incapable of changing settings. She can’t change my ringer to vibrate, or tell me how much charge is left on my battery.
  6. Spell-Check Siri – Much like the integrated spell-check that we’ve also become reliant upon, Siri has at least one Achilles heel known as homophones. She simply can’t distinguish between like-sounding words, even in context.
  7. Let’s Go To The Video – Nope. Siri can’t help you there, either. She doesn’t do videos.
  8. Tweet Nothings – Sorry, Siri can’t post updates to Twitter or Facebook for you. We think she’s kind of jealous of your friends.
  9. Check My Calls – Oh, well. Siri isn’t capable of checking your call history either. Which may be a good thing if she really is as insecure about your popularity as we suspect.
  10. Call 911 – Presumably, Siri does care very much for the welfare of her master. So why then is she unable to make an emergency phone call on his behalf?
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