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cheap bundlesOne of the first things that come to mind when bundling phone, television, and Internet service is cost savings, or cheap, but cheap in comparison to what? Your current bills? Your friend’s bundle package bill? Cheap is such a relative term, and we all know you get what you pay for. The real question should be: “will bundling your services be cheaper?”. Yes, and No.

Availability is a Factor

Assuming I’m not telling you anything new here, availability being a factor in how much bundling services may cost you, there are ways to locate service providers for your service address, whether it be for your primary residence, vacation home, small business, or anywhere else you intend to use these services and have authority to get them turned on or switched over.

The Search for Providers

There are a few places where you can enter your service address information to check availability of bundled services, but none of them have every provider. It’s best to check a couple different engines to weigh your options. (I’ll post links at the end of this article). You may also want to compare local offers to national offers.

Local Bundles VS National Bundle Offers

If you see a television commercial with a really good deal for bundled service, chances are good it could be available in your area. If you see one of these offers you should check against one of the provider engines too, if for no other reason than to make sure that provider is available for your service address, and to make sure the national offer isn’t a better deal.

Sometimes, but not always, you can get a better deal with a local offer, because the service provider is trying to increase subscribers in that particular region.

Bundling is Cheaper

Is it? I don’t think there is any argument bundling is more convenient, but it might not always be cheaper. It is cheaper in the sense you’ll get a discount for having multiple services combined from a single provider, but there may be times when getting services through different providers might be cheaper. This takes a little more work to find out which providers are available for each service, plus keeping track of separate bills every month, but it could be a bit cheaper than bundling.

Level of Service Matters

Bundle pricing from large national providers can be pretty competitive, but looking at only the price could be a big mistake. What’s the point in bundling if you only get 756 Kbps download speeds for Internet? Sure it’s 10 times faster than dialup, but that’s really not fast at all. Or, what if you only get local phone with that package? Or only a few TV channels? If you like the prepackaged bundle offers, go for it, but it’s best to pay a little more than the starter package in most cases to get what you really want

Bundling Tools & Resources

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