FCC Consumer Broadband Test

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has created a free Consumer Broadband Test that enables consumers to test their broadband Internet connections for speed and quality.

The broadband test which is currently in Beta, checks the following aspects of your Internet connection:

  • Download Speed: The speed that your computer can download data from the FCC server.
  • Upload Speed: The speed that data is sent from your computer to the FCC server.
  • Latency: The amount of time it takes for a packet of data to travel (round trip) between your computer and the FCC server.
  • Jitter: The delay variance between your computer and the FCC server.

The test works by sending a small test file back and forth between your location and the FCC testing server.
The results are then measured, analyzed and displayed on your computer screen.

I have a Phone TV Internet bundle from Cox Communications in the Phoenix, AZ area. Here is a sample of my Consumer Broadband Test result via a wireless laptop connection to my router.

By running the Consumer Broadband Test, you’ll get a real-time representation of the quality and bandwidth of your current broadband Internet connection.

If you’re an Apple iPhone or Android user, there’s also a free mobile app (FCC Broadband Test) available for download to enable you to run the broadband test from your mobile device.

The FCC is promising to continue to update and improve upon the functionality and usability of these free broadband Internet tests.

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