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This is the first post in the Internet TV category, and basically an introduction to this new topic which I have to admit is quite exciting. With broadband speeds becoming increasingly faster, and Internet connected devices becoming the norm rather than the exception, Internet TV is finding it’s way to our living rooms, and mobile devices, and for the most part it’s free. Some TV over Internet services aren’t free, such as FiOS and U-verse, while others are more of an enhancement, and may cost a one time fee, while still others don’t cost a dime.

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Free Internet TV Services

Websites that offer free TV are popping up all over the Internet. While these sites offer free TV, it’s not like television in the traditional sense where you can just view what’s on right now. Most TV websites allow you to search for television shows, and movies to watch immediately regardless of time and schedule. Sort of like a virtual DVR, but better. is one of the most popular examples of free TV over the Internet, but there are many others. I’ll provide an entire list in a future post.

Internet TV on Your TV

You can watch TV on your computer the way most of us have done when the concept of Internet television was fairly new, but now it’s much easier to watch Internet TV on the TV. The best way of doing this used to be by using a computer as a media center PC, which was connected to the Internet, and had a TV tuner either built in, or installed. That’s the expensive, and more complicated way, but if you can afford it, it’s still the way to go. Fortunately, many devices designed for TV are becoming increasingly Internet ready, and some have software built in for viewing TV over the Internet.

Gaming consoles like PS3, XBox 360, and Wii all make it possible to view TV over the Internet, though some require third party software, like PlayOn. Some TV manufacturers have software built directly into an Internet ready HDTV now too, and some premium TV services will soon be offering Internet connected HD DVR devices with Internet TV software built in. In fact, Sony, and Dish Network both plan to have Google TV built in to some of their devices this fall. I’ll go into more detail on a future post.

Internet TV on Internet Connected Devices

It’s now possible to watch TV on your cell phone, a set top box like the Netgear EVA2000 (with the help of PlayOn), from your DVR (Dish Network Sling Loaded 922 with Google TV coming this fall), or DVD, and Blu-Ray players, your HDTV, and more. I’ll go more into depth with each one on future posts, so please feel free to leave a comment if you feel there is something I haven’t touched on, or something you would like me to cover in a future post about Internet TV.

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  1. art hamm's reply:

    so many fake free tv on internet. habutv from philadelphia and a2btv from los angles are for real. i ask if anyone with sling box has madison or minneapolis tv over i ntger for 125 dollars month

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