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  • Copper.net Dial Up Internet Get online with a reliable dial up connection with Copper.net for some of the best rates on dial up access.

    • 19x faster with Copper Accelerator
    • Includes 5 Email Accounts
  • Copper.net HiSpeed Dial Up as low as $7.47 /mo first 3 months

    copper.net dial up
  • Juno Dial Up Internet Enjoy unlimited dial-up Internet service, email with spam/virus protection, and more.

    • Unlimited Internet Access
    • Web-Based Email with Spam/Virus Protection
  • Juno Platinum Basic Dial-Up starting at $7.95 /mo for 12 months

    juno dial up
  • NetZero Dial Up Internet Surf up to 5x faster than Basic Dial-Up, plus get free Norton™ AntiVirus, email with spam/virus protection, pop-up blocker & more.

    • 5x faster than basic dial up
    • Free Norton Antivirus online
    • Free pop up blocker
  • NetZero HiSpeed Accelerated Dial Up as low as $9.95 /mo. for 12 months

    netzero dial up

Knowledge Base

Dial-up Internet Service Deals for Internet Access for Cheap Dial-UP Prices

Dial-up Internet service as low as $10.95 per month with deals and promotions for new dial-up customers. Sign up for dial-up access, plus extra features like anti-virus, spam protection, and more.

Still Stuck With Dial Up

Dial up Internet access will likely soon be a thing of the past. This page barely exists, and is only here to add some value to those visitors who still use dialup for whatever reason. At one time dialup was the most affordable type of Internet service, but that's no longer true.

Dialup Internet users generally still use it for one of two reasons. Either they cannot get broadband where they live, or they think broadband is too expensive. While these are the most common reasons, they're not entirely accurate.

Alternatives to Dialup Internet could be cable or DSL high speed Internet. You may be surprised at how inexpensive basic broadband has become in recent years. In many cases you can get high speed Internet for around $20 a month. You may remember when AOL, and MSN dialup access cost even more than this! If serviceability is an issue there is always satellite broadband which is available in the most rural of areas.

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