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  • FiOS Internet Blazing fast high-speed Internet delivered over Verizon's fiber optic network direct to your home

    • FiOS Fast up to 15 Mbps starting at $49.99 /mo.
    • FiOS Faster up to 25 Mbps starting at $64.99 /mo
    • FiOS Fastest up to 50 Mbps starting at $139.99 /mo.
  • Get FiOS Internet as low as $49.99 /mo.

    fios internet service
  • U-verse Internet AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet provides amazing speed & security combined with wireless home networking built in.

    • U-verse MAX Up to 12 Mbps starting at $45 /mo
    • U-verse MAX Plus Up to 18 Mbps starting at $55 /mo
    • U-verse MAX Turbo Up to 24 Mbps starting at $65 /mo
  • Get AT&T promotion cards on any qualifying double, or triple pack

    u-verse internet service
  • Qwest Fiber Optic Internet Qwest delivers heavy duty Internet /DSL over a fiber optic network for some of the fastest connection speeds around.

    • Qwest Advanced Connection speeds up to 12 Mbps
    • Qwest Extreme Connection speeds up to 20 Mbps
    • Qwest Pro Connection speeds up to 40 Mbps
  • Get any speed as low as $19.99 /mo. promotional price good for first 6 months

    qwest fiber optic internet

Knowledge Base

Fiber Optic Internet Deals with the Fastest Internet Speeds Anywhere at a Great Price

Enjoy the fastest residential high-speed Internet available from fiber optic Internet providers with awesome deals for new customers. Fiber optic Internet service turns the Information Super Highway into the Information Autobahn. Enjoy the fastest broadband access available on the market today with Internet delivered over a fiber optic network to the home, or to the node.

This is the knowledge base for fiber optic Internet service. In this section you'll find useful resources about fiber optic Internet, providers, deals, and more.

Fiber Optic Internet Deals

The fastest residential Internet connection money can buy. There is currently no faster Internet service available for the home than fiber optic service. If you're looking for the absolute fastest Internet you can get, you'll enjoy these deals from the nation's best and fastest fiber optic Internet providers.

Fiber Optic Internet Speeds

Fiber Optic Internet Service is still fairly new, but the word is speading fast due to it's super fast Internet speeds. Currently fiber optic boasts the fastest Internet connection available. Even faster than cable in most cases with Verizon FiOS offering the fastest fiber optic with download speeds up to a mind blowing 50 Mbps, making it possible to download at two to three times the speed of any cable Internet provider.

Fiber Optic Providers currently include Verizon with FiOS, AT&T with U-verse, and now Qwest with their new fiber optic Internet offerings.

Fiber To The Home

When a fiber optic network connects directly to your home, it's referred to as fiber to the home, or FTTH. Currently Verizon FiOS is the only fiber optic Internet provider that offers FTTH fiber to the home for residential fiber optic Internet connections.

Fiber To The Node

When a fiber optic network stops near your home, and is transfered the rest of the way over copper it's referred to as FTTN, Fiber to the node, or fiber to the neighborhood. While AT&T, and Qwest are both fiber optic Internet providers, they are FTTN providers.

Obviously a fiber to the home connection would be more desired since it's a direct connection to the fiber network, and not split off onto copper lines, but keep in mind even with FTTN providers you'll still get pretty close to, and sometimes just slightly more than your advertised connection speeds, and it's still a dedicated connection.

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