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Home phone service on bad credit or no credit with no deposit, and no credit check for local phone, unlimited local and long distance, or cell phone service.

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  • Broadband Phone Service No credit check required on uncontracted plans. Broadband phone, or VoIP is a great alternative to landline if you have bad credit, and it's cheaper, with tons more features.

    • No credit check on no contract plans
    • Cheaper than landline
    • Use your existing telephone, and high-speed Internet connection
  • Unlimited home phone with local, plus long distance as low as $19.95 /mo price reflects no contract monthly plan

    broadband phone service
  • Prepaid Cell Phone Service Because you pay the first month in advance there is no annual contract, and no credit check for a prepaid cell phone plan.

    • Unlimited calling plans
    • Free and and cheap refurbished cell phones
  • Unlimited talk, text, and web as low as $45 every 30 days

    prepaid cell phones

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Phone Service with Less than Perfect Credit

You don't need a good credit rating to enjoy low rate local and long distance calling plans for home phone, or cell phone plans. Bad credit home phone options are for VoIP digital home phone with no contract.

Bad Credit Phone Service

There is no reason you can't get phone service on bad credit at an affordable price, and often times cheaper than what you would pay elsewhere. Phone services on bad credit mostly come in the form of a prepaid type service, even if it's technically not prepaid phone service.

Best Phone Services for Bad Credit for home phone your best bet for phone service is what is known as broadband phone, or Internet telephone. While there are a few differences it works pretty much the same as regular phone service, but a whole lot cheaper. For wireless on bad credit it's no secret you can always get a prepaid cell phone.

What you'll need for both of these types of phone service you're going to need a valid credit card, check card, debit card, or even a prepaid credit card will work. You'll just need some way to order your service, and pay your bill electronically. You'll most likely need to purchase your equipment up front, and pay your first month of service. After that you're home free. While broadband phone is not a service created for people with bad credit, it is a very viable, and affordable solution for phone service with bad credit, or no credit.

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