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  • PhonePower Broadband Phone Unlimited Calling to the U.S. and Canada, FREE second line, keep your current phone number, plus over 30 calling features are included.

    • Phone Power Freedom 24 month - only $14.95 /mo. with 2 year agreement
    • Phone Power Freedom 12 month - only $16.95 /mo. with 1 year agreement
    • Phone Power Freedom monthly - only $19.95 /mo. - no contract required
    • Phone Power Freedom Annual - $199.95 per year, second year free
  • Unlimited local & long distance calling only $14.95 /mo for two years requires two year agreement

    phone power voip phone service
  • Lingo VoIP Home Phone Cheap home phone service with unlimited calling in the U.S., plus 45 other countries.

    • Lingo Mobile register up to 2 U.S. mobile phones, and get unlimited & international calling for an additional $9.95 /mo.
    • Lingo advanced features Convenience, control, and security with 14 calling features included, plus keep your existing phone number
  • Get your first month FREE

    lingo phone service
  • 8x8 VoIP Home Phone 8x8 (formerly Packet8) provides inexpensive local and long distance digital phone service for domestic, and Internetional calling for both home and business

    • 8X8 Freedom - Unlimited Calls to the US and Canada, includes 8x8 advanced calling features $24.99 /mo.
    • 8X8 Freedom Global - Unlimited Calls US/Canada/top 40 countries, includes 8x8 advanced calling features $39.99 /mo.
    • 8X8 Freedom Annual - Unlimited Calls US/Canada, includes 8x8 advanced calling features $239.99 per year
  • Free expandable whole house voip phone system (view during sign up process)

    packet8 voip phone service

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Digital Home Phone Deals

If you already have high-speed Internet, you qualify for stand alone digital home phone service through a VoiP provider. Whether you need to cancel your landline, or disable your cable, you'll get cheaper digital phone service with some of the best VoIP offers available to residential customers. Were you looking for a Digital Cable Home Phone Line?

Broadband Phone Service (Voice over IP) and How it Works

There is a huge advantage to using broadband phone service. Cheap phone service for local and long distance calling. In fact, it is the low cost that makes it such a formidable opponent to traditional landline. In most cases you can reduce your phone bill up to 50% and even more depending on what kind of calling plan you have now. Unlimited calling for one low monthly rate is one of the delectable treats of broadband phone.

What is Broadband Telephone? To make a long story short, it's phone service that's relayed over your Internet connection instead of your home's landline. It takes advantage of a technology commonly referred to as VoIP or Voice over IP. It simply takes voice signals and converts them to a digital format suitable for transfer over the Internet.

What do I Need for Broadband Phone to Work? A broadband Internet connection. Both cable Internet, and DSL will work. You'll also need a regular touch tone home telephone, and a VoIP router, or a broadband telephone system with the router built into the phone base. I recommend the use of an expandable base broadband phone system since you'll be able to use multiple handsets throughout your house.

How is Broadband Phone Service Different from Skype? Unlike messenger services such as Skype, Yahoo, or MSN that require you to download software, be on a computer, and using speakers, or headset and microphone, you don't need any of this with broadband phone service. When the phone rings you answer it, when you need to make a call you dial. All of your calling features such as caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding etc all work the same as a traditional landline phone, plus you can call any landline or cell phone or other broadband phones any time regardless of the carrier.

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