Landline Phone Service for Basic Local & Unlimited Long Distance

Basic landline phone service with local home phone service or unlimited local phone plus unlimited long distance calling plans. Locate the best price for landline phone in your area now.

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  • AT&T Landline Phone Service Traditional landline phone service from AT&T with unlimited local & long distance calling plans, just local phone service, or loocal with cent per minute long distance calling plans.

    • AT&T landline home phone service with local and long distance calling plans
    • AT&T Primary Residential Line as low as $14.95 per month
    • AT&T All Distance® Unlimited Local Calling & Unlimited Nationwide calling, as low as $40.00 per month
  • No installation charge for new AT&T local service when you order online

    at&t landline phone
  • Verizon Landline Phone Service Reliable home phone service from Verizon with unlimited calling plans, or local with cent per minute long distance.

    • Verizon Freedom Unlimited local and long distance calling
    • Verizon local home phone service
    • Verizon International, and domestic long distance plans.
  • Order Verizon landline phone with unlimited calling as low as $49.99

    verizon landline phone
  • Qwest Landline Phone Service Traditional landline home phone service from Qwest with reliable service, plus local, or long distance calling plans.

    • Qwest Local Phone Service
    • Qwest domestic long distance phone service
    • Qwest unlimited local & long distance calling plans
  • see Qwest for promotions in your area

    qwest landline phone

Landline Phone Service Knowledge Base

Welcome to the knowledge base for landline phone service where we'll provide more detailed information about landline phone service, providers, and companies with helpful information, tips, articles, and other resources.

Landline Phone Service With Local or Unlimited Local and Long Distance

Traditional landline phone service companies with just local, or unlimited local plus long distance phone service for one flat rate. Featured are some of the best offers for landline, and local phone service, but all landline phone service providers may not be available where you live. See who offers local & unlimited phone service in your area, and place your order for new home phone service instantly online.

Stand Alone Landline Phone Service

Every location is different, and has different providers for phone service. What you need is a way to find landline phone providers that service your area. We've got just the solution. To get started, compare local phone service offers

What You Should Know About Landline Phone Service

In the near future, landline phone may no longer be available in the U.S. Please see Landline Phone Service Alternatives

Everyone has had some experience with landline phone service at one point or another. A telephone landline is your typical traditional phone service. You know, the one that you plug your phone into via the wall jack. Although there are many other types of phone service today, landline telephone is still a necessity for many homes, even if it's just basic phone service.

Local calling plans
with landline phone service are typically referred to as basic phone service. You can get basic local calling plans with no frills, or you can get enhanced basic calling plans with extra features such as caller ID, or call waiting etc.

Long distance calling plans
for landline phone typically requires you to have at least basic phone service. While you can get long distance from the same company that provides your basic service, you don't have to. Your local and long distance phone service can be billed by two separate companies. Long distance calling is normally billed as a cent per minute charge, or sometimes it is unlimited for a flat rate.

Unlimited local and long distance plans
for landline phone service is typically billed at a flat monthly rate. You usually get unlimited calling whether it's a local call, or long distance call, so your bill stays the same each month regardless of how many phone calls you make. Unlimited calling plans are normally for calls made within the U.S., but can sometimes included Canada or U.S. commonwealths.

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