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  • Comcast Digital Cable what you want, when you want it with thousands of programs to choose from whenever you want.

    • Up to 270 digital channels, plus 17,000 On Demand choices
    • More than 35 pay-per-view channels, and 45 music channels
    • More than 1,000 HD choices at any time, plus 2,600 HD movies and shows On Demand
  • Comcast Digital Cable as low as $29.99 /mo. for 6 months

    comcast tv service
  • Time Warner Digital Cable Is the home of no fee HD!

    • Get most of your favorite channels in HD at no extra cost
    • Digital video recorder (DVR) lets you Record, Pause, and Rewind live TV
    • No equipment to buy
  • Time Warner Digital Cable as low as $49.95 /mo. for 12 months, plus free 3 month trial of premium tier HD channels and DVR

    time warner digital cable
  • COX Digital Cable offers up to 240 channels, plus tier channels for family, news, sports, and more.

    • Up to 240 Digital Channels with optional DVR and HD programming and 45 music channels
    • HD service is free with a COX digital cable package & COX HD-DVR
    • Record your favorite shows, and watch them on your own time with a COX DVR or HD-DVR
  • FREE HDTV programming with digital cable subscription

    cox tv service
  • Optimum io TV Offers digital cable tv service with up to 285 channels

    • Over 285 all-digital channels with 82 in HD
    • Access the latest news, weather, & movies with iO TV Shortcuts. Manage your iO DVR online with iO DVR remote access
    • Hundreds of Free On Demand programs that you can enjoy whenever you want.
  • Get HD and more when you bundle cable TV and Internet.

    optimum tv service

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Digital Cable Packages With Money Saving Cable TV Deals

Cable TV deals for basic digital cable service, or premium cable with DVR and HD service & receivers, plus premium movie packages, pay-per-veiw, with money saving new customer promotions.

Cable TV Features

Cable with DVR - A digital video recorder (DVR) is included in most digital cable packages these days. This makes it possible for you to pause, fast-forward, and rewind live television, plus record all of your favorite shows when you're not home so you'll never miss them, or you can watch them again as many times as you like.

HD Programming - When you watch your favorite movies in HD high-def you'll experience a sound that rivals a movie theater through your own home theater system, plus see vivid color and details on your tv screen like you've never seen them before. Some cable providers have premium, and free HD programming with cable digital packages.

Free on Demand - Many Digital cable providers also offer free On-Demand programming as part of a digital cable subscription. You'll be able to watch some of your favorite shows anytime you want without having to store them on your DVR.

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